Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quiet Moments

There is something so wonderful about the quiet moments. When everyone in the house is asleep except me I find joy in the peace. My family is all here under one roof yet no one is needing me or asking for something. One thing I have learned with my diagnosis is to grab on to these moments of happiness and snatch them up. Yes I find joy in quiet moments when my family doesn't need me....that doesn't mean I don't love them with every fibre of my being. It only means I find happiness in time to myself! Life is too short to hold on to grudges, imagined or real slights, and anger. Life is too short and precious to hold on to anything but love, beauty, family, joy and knowledge. When we find these we should hold on tight!! Joy can be found if you look for it. Things that bring me joy include the song of evening birds, the sweet smell after summer rain, sunset sweeping across autumn fields. The laughter of my children when my husband engages them in play. The smile on my mothers face when I pull into the drive for a visit. The green of the Caribbean Sea off the Cuban coast. So many things bring joy. These are the things I choose to focus on instead of the awful health situation I am facing. These quiet moments don't last long, so I take what I am given and am grateful. 💜

Thursday, April 21, 2016


My closest friend and conspirator gave me a coloring book while I was cooped up in the hospital. It is packed with butterflies, hearts and dripping inspirational quotes. Usually I don't have the patience for such intricate work, yet it proves well enough to take my mind off the pain when my day is going that way. I concentrate on colors instead of the hurt. Those painful days though!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Living Free

Hello world. My name is Karen and I have cancer. A terrifying realization, wouldn't you agree? The first two weeks after hearing those words from the doctor were the worst! That is a story for another time. Now the fear has retreated into a tiny cave in my mind, banished there by my heart. I will not live in fear of dying. I want to enjoy my life, my family, my time on this planet. How can one enjoy life while placing the focus on disease and sickness, death? Impossible. This blog is my journal of a life lived, not a shadow. Come along with me while I live and laugh and be free of those chains.