Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day begins with my children sleeping peacefully by my side. We are at Grandma's house and so sharing a room. I listen to their soft breathing and gaze upon their sweet faces relaxed in sleep. I am so blessed. So lucky to have these little men in my life!! Words cannot express my fear that my body will succumb to this cancer and I will leave these two behind.

Eight years old is such a special age. They are big boys, with big boy books and big boy toys. At times though they are still little and want a snuggle, some reassurance that in their big world they still have the comfort of mom at their side. I always want to be able to give them that reassurance. I always want to be that safety net, that soft blankie that at times in their lives they might desperately need. I believe this is what every mother wants. To be there for their children when they need us, to witness them growing up and becoming their own person.

This Mother's day I am wishing all the amazing mother's out there a day filled with love!! I wish for you a cute card made at school, a small but lovely slightly crushed bouquet of flowers held by eager little hands, and breakfast in bed. I wish for you moments of relaxation when the weight of the world is temporarily taken off your shoulders. Happy Mother's Day!

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